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Exchanging Vows

The Continuing Story of 'Exchanging Vows'
The 'Order of Service'
'Dear Laughter' - (Wedding Edit)
Our Wedding Planner, Dina Vieira
The 'EV' Launch Party - September 29th, 2003
EV #4 - Holly & Chris / Heather & Jennefer
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Not Our Family Photos :) ...yet!

On this page I'll describe each stage of the process.
(It's under construction, please return later)

A mature woman; Size=180 pixels wide


Hmmm...  she looks different from what I remember.

A man in a tux; Size=180 pixels wide


Dear old dad!

A mother playing with children; Size=180 pixels wide

My Children

Well...  there must be about 5 or 5 1/2 missing from the photo.

A mature couple; Size=240 pixels wide

Other Relatives

That's not Uncle Lee!