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Exchanging Vows

The Continuing Story of 'Exchanging Vows'
The 'Order of Service'
'Dear Laughter' - (Wedding Edit)
Our Wedding Planner, Dina Vieira
The 'EV' Launch Party - September 29th, 2003
EV #4 - Holly & Chris / Heather & Jennefer
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The Saga

I'll continue to post this over the next few of days.

  After proposing to Lisa via "Say Yes and Marry Me" on July 16th, I was speaking with my good friend Jay Bajaj (he's a film maker).  He told me about this new show called 'Exchanging Vows' and said I should give them a call.  I called that day (Thurs. July 17th) and made an appointment to meet with the producer for Fri. evening.  We met with Jim Erickson (the executive producer) and Lara Leavoy.
  They chatted with us that evening and told us to await a Monday phone call to see if we were a good fit for the show.

  On Monday we were thrilled to find out it was a 'go' and were asked to come in Thursday evening to sign contracts, which we did.
  Here's the description of the show from their website:

Getting Married Soon?

A new reality show is looking for people ready to tie the knot with a twist! With the help of a wedding consultant you and one other couple will compete to see who can come closest to planning the others dream wedding. The winners will receive a romantic honeymoon vacation.

For more information write to:
visit , or leave a message at 416.766.6588 ext. 301

Further, at they say:

Exchanging Vows is a hosted television series with a rotating cast of wedding planners and two new wedding couples in each episode. In each hour-long episode, two couples compete to plan and pull off the perfect wedding. The twist is that they'll plan each other's wedding ­ not their own.

The program is driven by the challenges faced by the teams as they try to decide what type of wedding best suits their counterparts and then try to make it happen. The excitement builds from the beginning of the program when the couples first meet and start trying to figure each other out until the last scene when one of the couples receives the honeymoon prize for planning the most appropriate wedding. The couples are responsible for planning each stage of their competitors' wedding ­ from the invitations to the wedding dress. Viewers can track the participants standing in the competition as the host rates the teams' success at the end of each stage of the wedding plans. Viewers will root for their favourite couple and wait with anticipation for the next challenge and the final weddings.

A wedding planner will join each couple to help them along the way. The planners will offer creative advice, solace, and encouragement but the ultimate decisions reside with the participants.

The saga continues below...
A quick time-line overview:
Tuesday August 5th, 2003 - We were interviewed on camera, answering questions about ourselves ('Who do you think is the sexiest man/woman in the world?') and what we see as the ideal wedding.
Friday 8th, Lisa and Shannon picked out the bridesmaids' and flowergirl's dresses.
Wednesday 13th, Vonita and our grandchildren (Jonathan, 4 & Jackie, 1) arrived at our place from Newfoundland.
Thursday August 14th, 2003 - Shooting got cancelled this dark day in Toronto. (See information about 'The Great [Eastern] North American Black-Out at
Friday 15th,  we all toured Toronto to see what neighbourhoods were open..
Saturday 16th, I picked up Victoria and Stefani from the Peterborough area.
  Our first day of adventures found us in Smythe Park for a little picnic, on location at Rob & Christi's wedding site and at the wedding dress shop to pick out Christi's dress and for Lisa to try on hers.
  Lisa goes for the fitting of her wedding gown and then we all head to the tailor's to pick Rob's attire and have me try on mine. We went to the flower shop to pick out the pedals. Afterwards we enjoyed a meal at a great Somalian resturaunt. Tina arrived from out of town.
(Thursday I got to relax by going to work, but my manager sent me home to 'take it easy'.  Of course that gave me time to run around more.  Lisa spent the whole day running.)
  The big day.  Spent all morning getting my groomsmen together and at 11 AM we headed to the secret wedding location.
Choosing the cake for Rob & Christi.
Rob and Christi's big day.  This link leads to the site Lyall created as a gift to them.
The final day of shooting.

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