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'Say Yes, and Marry Me'

I saw an ad at the supermarket asking anyone who was looking for a way to propose marriage to call a number to get help doing it.  I did.

  I called and spoke to Jonah and Richard, and made an appointment to see them.  When I got there, I watched a pilot episode of 'Say Yes...' in which a man proposed by having some apes at the zoo put on T-Shirts that said 'Jennifer, will you marry me?'
  At this point, with tears in my eyes from emotions that welled up while watching the show, I figured 'Gee, I'll never top that one'.  I suggested that I could write a song, have my band (H to Oh!) play a gig and tell everyone that the crew was filming a documentary about we five musicians.  They said they already had a music related show, but would think about it.  I drove away planning how one of Lisa's Yoga classes could be turned into a proposal. hhhhmmmm.
 While I waited, I looked at 'The Life Network' to see what was posted there.                                                                        (see below)
Want to "pop the question" on TV?

Marry Me, a new television show currently in production for Life Network, is looking for real-life marriage proposals for its pilot episode. Whether it's proposing while dangling upside down from a bungee chord, flying over Niagara Falls in a helicopter or dressing up as a knight in shining armour with a white charger to boot every zany idea will be considered for broadcast.

Prospective candidates for the show can call 416-537-5004 or e-mail
I got the call back from Jonah who asked me to check in with him the next week.  I called back then, and got the shock of my life.  'Yes, we'd love to do this' and 'can we shoot it next week?'  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I asked if the following week would be ok, and Jonah said that would be fine.
  In the space of 24 hours I managed to secure a venue, confirm with the band that everyone was available (even Tina who lives waaaaaaaaaay out of Toronto), write the song, set up a web page with all the info and get the band to do a run-through rehearsal of the song (which I recorded and edited so we had a guide).  I called back Jonah, and we were on our way........

Click TV to go to the 'H to Oh!' band event adsite

 After practicing the song with the band, I taught Lisa the background vocals to the song, never revealing all of the words.  We had a run-through (with television cameras) the night before (July 15th).  Lisa was even interviewed about being in the band and never suspected a thing.
 On the evening of July 16th, with the cameras rolling, we played the first three sets of the evening and finally got Lisa up to sing.  We did another original of mine ('Nuclear Bomb') and then the song that I wrote for this event called 'Dear Laughter'.  During the last few bars I stood up from behind my drums, still singing (using a wireless headset mic) and walked out front to propose.
  Lisa was surprised, to say the least, and the next day we were referred to the producers of the show 'Exchanging Vows' by my friend Jay, but that's another story.

 Click TV to go to the site that advertised
           the 'H to Oh!' media event.
Click the band to see photos of the July 16th evening shoot of 'Say Yes, & Marry Me'

LIFE Network's
'Say Yes, and Marry Me' - Top 10 Ways To Tell If A Proposal Is On The Way