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Exchanging Vows

The Continuing Story of 'Exchanging Vows'
The 'Order of Service'
'Dear Laughter' - (Wedding Edit)
Our Wedding Planner, Dina Vieira
The 'EV' Launch Party - September 29th, 2003
EV #4 - Holly & Chris / Heather & Jennefer
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The 'EV' Launch Party - September 29th, 2003

Pictures will link to high resolution copies, just click on them.

I am posting pictures here of our joyous get together with other couples who are part of the first 4 or 5 episodes of 'Exchanging Vows'.  If you have pictures of the event or pictures of your episode of 'Exchanging Vows', please write to me and I'll be glad to post them and/or link to your site. 
Lyall 'Benny' Sanders
Jim Erickson briefs us at the 'Exchanging Vows' Launch
Members of the Production Team.
Lyall and Lisa with Jim Erickson
Mr. Erickson is Executive Producer at Breakthrough Films

Lyall with Julia Bennett
Ms. Bennett is Executive Producer at The Life Network

Lyall and Lisa with Jari & Susan
Jari is a Director and Susan is the Couple's Co-ordinator

Lyall with Lara Leavoy
Lara was a member of the Breakthrough Films team.


Couples featured on the show.
Lyall & Lisa with Tracy & Jennifer
Tracy & Jennifer are on the 1st episode of 'Exchanging Vows'

Lyall and Lisa with Rachelle & Jason
Rachelle & Jason are on the 1st episode of 'EV'

Lyall and Lisa w/both couples from the 4th episode
Lyall, Jennefer, Heather, Holly, Lisa & Chris

Lyall and Lisa with Dina
Dina is our wedding planner extraordinaire!


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